Adult Confirmation

Receiving the sacrament of Confirmation is an important step for Christians. In it we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit which give us strength and courage to live our Christian faith in a mature way as adults.

We want Catholics who have not received the sacraments of Confirmation to grow in the knowledge and practice of our faith so we have a joint RCIA and Adult Confirmation program which runs for every year for nine months from September to May. In it we will be discussing the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church in a welcoming and open atmosphere where we hope to have authentic discussions about our faith, provide opportunities for fellowship, and helping you find a place in our parish community and develop a rich prayer life and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you are a baptized Catholic adult who has not received your First Communion or a non-catequised Catholic who only needs Confirmation you will be required to take the full RCIA class for your own benefit. If you are a Catequised Catholic who needs confirmation we might offer you alternative programs to help you get your sacraments sooner.

Any Catholics interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, please fill out the general intake form or contact for more information. We encourage anyone who intends to join to reach out throughout the year so we can help you get ready for this beautiful process.