All I want for Christmas

12-09-2012Fr. John LettersFr. John

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. But since I already have them, here's another list:

♦ The Parishioners at Mt. Carmel who pay taxes to the state of Arizona direct their taxes to Catholic Education Arizona by donating to CEA and then claim a tax credit on their income taxes. Santa this is a wonderful way for Arizona taxpayers to stipulate the use of their tax dollars rather than have the Legislature do it for them. This year Santa the amounts that can be claimed for a tax credit have doubled! An individual can donate $1003 and a married coupled can donate $2006 to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School. Any tax preparer or CPA will tell you "anyone with two brain cells can see how easy this is" so why do so many choose not to participate? Maybe Santa you need to give them two brain cells for Christmas too?

♦ Also Santa, one more thing, well maybe more than one more. I would like for Christmas that every parishioner use gift cards first purchased from our Food for Thought Program. This way when they are being Santa's Helpers and purchase their gifts they can give a gift to the Parish just by shopping! To make it simple they could just purchase a gift card for Fry's from us and then go to Fry's and buy other gift cards and for each $100 in purchases (including the gift cards) at Fry's they get forty cents off a gallon of gas for a limited time. Which helps them power their sleighs! Again Santa this too is a no-brainer, so they really need those brain cells for Christmas.

♦ So far Santa none of this will actually cost anyone any money at all. So for Christmas I also want all of our parishioner and visitors to be good stewards of their Parish and make sure the Parish is on their Christmas list. We could really use a nice Christmas collection this year, as things are getting a little thin around here.

♦ Santa I also want everyone to take Advent preparation seriously this year. Could you make sure as many as possible come to the Advent Concert with Matt Maher on Sunday night at 7pm? And I know that you always go to confession before you jump on that sleigh so I would also like everyone to make a good confession before Christmas. During Advent there are Penance Services around the Parishes in our Deanery, we have them each Saturday beginning at 3pm and on December 22 from 9am until 4pm.

♦ While I realize, Santa that the Holy Day of the Immaculate Conception falls on the Saturday morning before this letter goes out, I also put on my list that everyone come to Mass on Friday night December 7 at 7pm or Saturday morning at 8am. After all the Blessed Virgin Mary is the fairest of our race and without her yes you Santa would have to say no.

♦ I know Santa that God wants to give us all many gifts, spiritual gifts in particular as they are always the best. Our Advent Healing Mass on December 11 at 7pm is just for that purpose. If people come and are ready to receive the gifts God wants to bestow on them they will get an early Christmas!

Now Santa I have tried to keep this list a little shorter than usual, bad economy and all but about that Maserati I have been asking for the last few years…

Fr. John Bonavitacola

P.S. Santa I never told Daddy that I saw you kissing Mommy underneath the Christmas tree circa 1970. Not that I am holding that over your head or anything but…Oh, and say Hi to Mrs. Claus for me.