God's Plan Redux

07-24-2016Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

I keep telling you to trust in the plan of God, His timing and His ways. God has a way of making things happen when they need to and we just muck it up when we try to force the issue, exert our own will on events or try to control the outcome. If there's one thing the Bible demonstrates again and again or that the lives of the Saints teach us is that God gets His plan accomplished right on time. And for those who trust God, God has a way of arranging the circumstances of our lives to get us where we need to be, when we need to be there and at the right time.

God has a funny way of bringing it right back to me: dealing with the bureaucracy of the Immigration Process is a real trust God opportunity! When we submitted the paperwork for the Servants of the Plan of God to obtain R-1 Visas (religious worker visas) we submitted it for premium processing. That level of processing usually takes around three months or less. We did it that way since we have already had priests working here at Mt. Carmel with R-1 Visas which meant we were approved by Homeland Security to employ holders of R-1 Visas. But the Department of Homeland Security disagreed and as a result we must have a site visit as part of the approval process. What that means is that our requests for premium processing were denied and now fall back in the regular queue which right now is about five month processing time. So I am hoping for an October arrival of the Sisters.

I told Sister Veronica that their arrival is delayed and she responded true to form: "We are in God's hands!! We are servants of the Plan of God, I believe it will be the certain time our arrival there.  I gave this intention specially to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  God wants us there, it will be in His time!"

Well that zapped my annoyance at the system! So much for my screed about the red tape… My homiletics professor in the seminary was fond of saying that the first person you preach to is yourself. He was right. Trust God, John, it's His plan and He figures out the How and When.

Then when it comes to the Convent everything has gone swimmingly well! The gift registry we set up is now closed since you enthusiastically purchased all listed item. The refrigerator and patio furniture have been spoken for and lots of furniture, beds, dining room table, couches, chairs, have been donated as well! Once we get everything in place I will let you know if there are any other items still needed. We are presently working on the Chapel and we might need some items donated.

Many thanks to all of you who have stepped up to make a Mortgage Payment whether it was for half a month, a month, two months, three months or more. Remember we have the next ten years to pay off the loan so at any point during that time if you can donate (the monthly payment is $2500) just specify that your donation is for the Convent.

It's nice to know that the Sisters even though they are not here yet are already teaching us something about the plan of God!

Fr. John B.