Being a Good Steward of your Vocation

10-07-2018Stewardship Reflection

Today’s readings give us a wonderful refresher on the Biblical origins of the Sacrament of Marriage, going all the way back to the second chapter of Genesis in our First Reading, and then reinforced by Jesus in our Gospel Reading from St. Mark.

Perhaps more than any other time in Christianity, marriage and family life are under attack right now. It is vital that we have a proper understanding of the Church’s beautiful and solid teachings in these areas. We call this type of knowledge, “Formation” and it is one of the pillars of a stewardship way of life. Solid formation in the faith not only strengthens us in our own walk with the Lord, but it allows us to pass on this knowledge to others who are thirsting to know the truth about the human person, and it also arms us to defend our beliefs, when necessary.

These readings also invite us to reflect on the reality that we are to be good stewards of the vocation the Lord has entrusted to us. If I am married, do I recognize that my spouse and my marriage are a gift from God that must be nourished, developed and tended? This brings to mind the stewardship aspect of “Time.” After time spent with God, my next priority of time should be for my spouse. Do I realize that at the end of my life I will have to give an account to God for how I cared for the gift of my spouse and marriage?