What a gift!

01-06-2019The Sisters Corner

God wanted to show Himself as a little child, not only to the people of Israel, but to the whole world. Thinking about the different countries where we are, Servants of the Plan of God (in South and North America, Africa and Europe), we are amazed of how God and His Gospel of love is celebrated in so many different cultures and languages and how many places still don’t know Him. And also thinking that the story of our salvation started with a Little Child and how the faith has spread so much that we, being from different countries, have received the faith is a wonderful gift.

Right now, in our community in Arizona, we are four sisters: Sr. Monica, Sr. Cristina and Sr. Stephanie from Peru and Sr. Maria Jose, from Chile. But we will receive a great gift very soon because two more Sisters in our community from two different countries will be joining us. Sr. May (from the Philippines) will stay and serve in the school and parish and Sr. Ximena (from Ecuador) will accompany us in our mission for six months. So we are going to be six!!!!

Soon we will tell you more about each one of them. They are very excited and happy to come here and be able to serve in this wonderful mission.

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