The Sisters Corner

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Helping others carry their Cross

09-08-2019The Sisters Corner

This Sunday’s Gospel invites us to carry our cross and to renounce to all of that we possess in order to be Jesus’s disciples. It also talks about hating our own father, mother, wife, children, brethren, sisters. Does that mean that he doesn’t want us to have possessions? Does this Gospel teach that we have to love suffering or even to hate our life and our family? Of course not!

If we don’t understand this Gospel from the message of love that Christ teaches us, we might get everything upside down. God loves us and wants us to love each other. He wants our happiness and our wellbeing, and there is nothing wrong in having possessions to fulfill whatever material needs that we might have. But, He does not want us to place our value and happiness on the possessions of material beings, He would rather have us give them away if they stop us from loving Him.

God wants us to be loving to our family and not only that, He invites us to love our neighbors as if they were our own family. And, He doesn’t want us to suffer the weight of the Cross, but He invites us to carry whatever Cross comes our way following His example, and also help others carry their own Cross.

So, why don’t we read this Gospel as an invitation to think in what way God may be inviting me to love my neighbor as if they were my own family, to share my possessions with those who are more in need than I and in that way help them carry their own Cross. Let’s read this Gospel from Jesus as a message of love and see the way to become better disciples by following it.