Meet Sr. Cecibel

02-09-2020The Sisters CornerSr. Cecibel

Hi to all our friends in OLMC!

I’m Sr. Cecibel, I am from Ecuador. I joined the Servants of the Plan of God 14 years ago. Before that, I worked as an engineer and had many life and career plans, but I had an uncertainty. I discovered that I wanted to do more to help in this world, but I didn't know what or how. Then I discovered that God was calling me to serve those who suffer and those in need.

During this time as a Sister God has given me a lot of blessings, just for saying Yes to His calling. I have been able to contemplate true miracles, serving to women in prison, to the sick at a Children’s Hospital and at our school for disabled children in Lima, abandoned elderly at the highlands in Southern Peru, and in my country where I served the victims of a devastating earthquake in 2016.

I must confess that God absolutely surprised me when He asked me to serve in the USA. I only know that He is a Good and Provident Father, who has wanted to rejoice and do great good for you and me, because He wants us to share our faith and our love for Jesus, serve the needy and also be missionaries together! I will be there for at least six months. After that I am open to whatever God wants from me. I’m so excited to be with you to be able to contemplate true miracles in OLMC too.

Sr. Cecibel