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COVID-19 Gratitude

11-22-2020Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

As we approach Thanksgiving our 2020 Gratitude list certainly has some new listings and a lot of remembrance of things past. Coronavirus and the Election have certainly given us a new perspective, unsolicited as it was. So, in light of that here are a few items that come to mind:

For nurses and medical personnel who give new meaning to self-sacrifice
For school nurses who give out confidence and calm in the midst of chaos
For ingenious physicians who figured out how to use old therapies for a new disease
For researchers and laboratory technicians who refused to be defeated by a virus

For truckers that kept on truckin’ and kept the supply lines open in the midst of shutdowns
For Supermarket workers who cashed us out and didn't cash in on fear
For manufacturers and factories that turned on a dime to make items we thought we would never need but do
For restaurateurs who had their dining rooms taken away but still gave us take-away service

For virtual teachers and in-person teachers
For students who want to learn
For relieved parents

For loses that enlighten us and teach us resilience
For sorrows that remind us of the blessings of Love
For separations that make the heart grow fonder

For Zoom, Google Meets, Uber Conferencing and FaceTime
For Livestreaming that increased our Parish boundaries by 34 states and 14 countries
For electronic giving and the electronic givers

For Pandemics that have a beginning, middle and end
For Hope that has no end
For smiling eyes
For COVID-19 stories

For hand soap that smells like citrus blossoms
For facemasks that smell like bacon
For hand santizer that burns every crack in your skin
For chemicals that disinfect the outside and confessions that disinfects the inside

For 145 days of triple digit heat
For 53 of them being 110 degrees or more
For 14 of them being a blessed 115 degrees or higher
For only one day at 118 degrees

For learning to live through a Pandemic
For learning to live through a record-breaking hot summer and fall
For living through a season of discontent
For managing through an economic downturn and upswing

Finally, for the way we were… yes for the way we were.

Make sure to make your own Gratitude list as it tells your COVID-19 story!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fr. John B.