Funeral Music

Here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we encourage full participation from our community.

The Funeral Coordinator will create a Worship Aid for the funeral to assist with this process. The music selections that you choose will be listed in the Worship Aid. We also have the ability to project the lyrics to the songs selected.

There are several opportunities to incorporate music into the funeral service. Please select a Gathering Song, Psalm Response, and Preparation of the Gifts Song, Communion Song, and Closing Song.

Outside musicians are allowed to sing/play at Funeral Masses with the approval of the OLMC Pastor. This includes, but is not limited to choral groups, soloists, mariachi groups, string quartets, etc. When outside musicians are used, an OLMC Sound Technician will need to be present to run the sound and assist the outside musicians with microphones, set up, etc. (please note there will be a fee for this additional service).