About Stewardship

The Stewardship Committee's Mission is to develop and foster a Christian Community atmosphere whereby the spiritual and social needs of parishioners can be realized through a total stewardship program of time, talent and treasure resulting in a sense of belonging, involvement and commitment for each parishioner.

You may be asking "Will Stewardship really make a difference in my life?” It is so easy to put our lives on hold and with it all of our good intentions: "Someday when I have more time." "When I've reached my goals." "I'll give my share of time, talent and treasure, but not right now." What will we tell those in need of prayer, in need of a kind ear or the hundreds of other acts of Stewardship that will go undone or the gifts that the Lord has given us that will go unshared, if we all were to think that way?

Stewardship acknowledges that God is the source of all of our gifts and talents, and we are the caretakers of these gifts. Where Stewardship has been adopted as a way of being, both the giver's and receiver's lives have been changed. True conversion has taken place in the hearts and minds of those who embrace Stewardship as a way of Life.