Funny or not so Funny?

09-15-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

A sure sign that our society is not in a good way is the lack of a sense of humor. The ability to laugh at ourselves with all our idiosyncrasies helps us not take ourselves so seriously and reminds us there is another way of looking at things. Today a comic like Don Rickles would be chased off the planet for the way he poked fun at every ethnic and racial group under the sun. Such is the poisonous nature of identity politics.

It started in earnest during the last Administration. A few times I wrote somethings, tongue in cheek about former President Obama and afterwards received some stinging emails: no, no, no, don't poke fun at the Messiah. Then it kicked into high gear with the inauguration of President Trump. One parish told me that after praying at Mass for the new President upon his inauguration an irate parishioner called the Parish Office very upset and told them, “how dare you pray for that man, you never prayed for Obama”. Actually, they did pray for Obama on his two inaugurations as well as Bush, Clinton, etc. In fact, Catholic parishes in the US have been praying for the new president ever since Archbishop Carroll gave the Invocation at the Inauguration of President George Washington. A lack of charity and a dearth of humor makes me wonder if she was baptized in pickle juice?


Encountering Christ in the Needy

09-15-2019The Sisters Corner

We are all well aware of the migration situation we have in the USA, we would have to be blind and deaf not to know it is a big problem. It is a topic that appears again and again in the news, one that usually turns political. But, our experience as Sisters is that when we talk with people about it, we are surprised to see that many are not aware of the humanitarian crisis that has been taking place so near to our homes.

The situation is shifting all the time, in the last year we have had a huge influx of Asylum Seekers in Arizona that needed to be fed, clothed and cared for. Now they are being retained for months in shelters across the border that don’t have enough resources to feed them. These are people in need who are around us, or very near to us, who really need our help and as Christians we don’t want to ignore them.


PP on the Ropes

09-08-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Maybe we are finally hitting critical mass in the push back against abortion. Planned Parenthood is finding itself on the losing side for a change. In a Court in Maricopa County a jury awarded a $3million judgment against PP in a wrongful termination suit. The woman, Mayra Rodriguez, a clinical manager for abortion clinics in NE Phoenix and Glendale for 15yrs was fired by Planned Parenthood for reporting what was really going on in the clinics. Ironically, the woman went to work for PP because she wanted to ensure women had access to medically decent abortion clinics. Except what she saw was medically deficient care. The trial revealed what we’ve come to expect from ‘the high quality’ healthcare from Murder, Inc.:


Helping others carry their Cross

09-08-2019The Sisters Corner

This Sunday’s Gospel invites us to carry our cross and to renounce to all of that we possess in order to be Jesus’s disciples. It also talks about hating our own father, mother, wife, children, brethren, sisters. Does that mean that he doesn’t want us to have possessions? Does this Gospel teach that we have to love suffering or even to hate our life and our family? Of course not!

If we don’t understand this Gospel from the message of love that Christ teaches us, we might get everything upside down. God loves us and wants us to love each other. He wants our happiness and our wellbeing, and there is nothing wrong in having possessions to fulfill whatever material needs that we might have. But, He does not want us to place our value and happiness on the possessions of material beings, He would rather have us give them away if they stop us from loving Him.


The next Pastor will have a few less headaches

09-01-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

We are more than half-way through our “Make Mt. Carmel Great Again Campaign”, so to speak, well at least make our aging buildings and infrastructure up-to-date. The rest of us are doing just fine! So, at this point what has been accomplished?

Our shock and awe mission started with a new HVAC System for the Church. This included new air-handlers as the older system (the original from 1968) was unable to handle the new refrigerants that replaced Freon and hence new compressors. So far, they are working correctly and the new thermostats have a button that says, “Freeze all Parishioners!”. I only press it when I really want you to pay attention. Just kidding. We have also made repairs to the leaks on the Church roof and subsequently repaired the water damage on several spots on the interior ceiling. Our final surge takes place next summer with replacement of the skylights over the altar as they are well past their lifespan. In addition, new flooring in the sanctuary and a new ambo/pulpit.


Our community is growing!

09-01-2019The Sisters Corner

As we have shared with you before, Anna Carochi who is originally from Denver, and who was living with us in Arizona for the past year went to Peru in July to start her formation in order to become a sister in our community. What you might not know is that she is the first girl from the United States to join our community. It brings us a lot of joy to see how our charism, which started in Peru in 1998 and has been growing for a number of years in South America, is now also represented by someone from this beautiful country where we enjoy serving so much.

There are seven girls starting their formation this year and for us it is very exciting to see us grow not only in number but in a very particular way. Besides having the first girl from the USA, we also have the first vocation from Mexico and the first one from Panama. They are joined by another girl from Ecuador and three Peruvian girls.