Coming Back to the Catholic Faith

Whether you have been away from the Church for a little time of for quite some time, or you never left the Church but you just feel you don’t know much about your faith we want to invite you to learn about the richness of our faith, introduce you to the practice of the sacraments and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a joint RCIA and Adult Confirmation program which runs for every year for nine months from September to May which we think might be the best place to start for any Catholic who wants to grow in their faith. In it we will be discussing the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church in a welcoming and open atmosphere where we hope to have authentic discussions about our faith, provide opportunities for fellowship, and helping you find a place in our parish community and develop a rich prayer life and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We encourage anyone who has questions to reach out throughout the year so we can help set you up and discern what would be the next best step in your journey of faith by either joining our RCIA program or any of our other Faith Formation classes and/or Ministries.