The Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation

Our young parishioners are an integral part of Faith Formation at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. To teach our children about Our Faith and offer Sacramental Preparation follows the teaching of Our Lord and Savior.

Through this ministry, our children are taught to know, love and serve God. Additionally, the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation enable them to form a personal and intimate relationship with Our Lord and to share in communal worship.

Children’s preparation is only the beginning of building a strong foundation in the Catholic faith.

Our family faith formation provides meetings throughout the year for both children and parents informing parents what is taught in class enabling them to nurture their child’s and family’s faith at Mass and in the home.

We Need Your Commitment and Assistance

As first and primary teachers of your child’s faith, we ask that parents spend time in sharing what they know about the faith focusing on the objective given each Sunday. This will enrich learning by reinforcing what we teach every week.

We also ask for your assistance in spending time in the classes with our young community. Our desire is to show the children that our parish community cares about their formation as they see members attend their classes.

Six Family Faith Formation Sessions will be held throughout the year. These sessions will be attended by both parents.

We will also have special sessions to celebrate the liturgical seasons of Christmas, Easter. Additionally, we will hold a retreat for children in grades 1-6 and another one for the teens in grades 7-12.