Infant Baptism

From the first centuries, the Church, to whom the mission of evangelizing and baptizing has been given, baptized not only adults but also children. Since the Lord said, "No one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit" (John 3:5), the Church has always understood that children are not to be deprived of Baptism. The faith of this Church is proclaimed during the baptism by the parents, godparents, and others present because they represent both the local Church and the whole company of Saints and faithful.

Parish boundaries

The Family of the child should reside in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish boundaries. If a family lives outside the boundaries they may register as parishioners or request and present a permission letter for baptism from their parish of residence. Families who are registered at another parish may still have their child baptized at Our Lady of Mount Carmel if scheduling is available. A letter of permission to baptize from their pastor will be required.

Baptismal Preparation Class

Parents are required to attend a baptismal preparation class either at Our Lady of Mount Carmel or at another parish (proof of attendance is also required). If parents have attended a baptismal preparation class within the previous two years in the Diocese of Phoenix they are still encouraged but not required to attend another preparation class. The monthly infant baptism preparation class for parents and godparents is still taking place. Registration is required. Email to register.

Parish Registration

There is no waiting period from the time of parish registration to the time of requesting Baptism, though we do encourage parents to prepare prior to the birth of their child. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis with priority to parish families. Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s scheduled baptisms held by appointment only.

Baptism Information regarding Godparents

In order to be considered a godparent, a person must be 16 years of age and have received all three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist). If married, the marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church. Catholics in irregular marriages are always encouraged to talk to their Pastor to see if the marriage can be validated in the Church. Only two godparents may be listed in the baptismal registry (one of each gender). Only one godparent is required.

Non-Catholic Christians

A baptized Christian from another denomination may witness the baptism as a Christian Witness along with a Catholic Godparent. Catholic Godparents and Christian Witnesses are highly encourage to attend a baptismal preparation class either at Mt. Carmel or another Catholic parish.

Please Complete Form Below

All information must be printed and correctly spelled. This information is entered directly on the Baptism certificate and the parish record. The entire Baptism preparation process must be completed before confirming and assigning Baptism dates.

Baptismal Information:
Catholic Parents and Godparents are strongly encouraged to be registered, baptized, confirmed and practicing their faith.