Sharing the Word of God as a Family

One of the best settings for the bible meditation as a family is the family meal time. One can see that there is a connection between the Lord’s table, the family meal table and breaking of the word of God.

When the family meal is over, you may do the following:

  • Open a session with a prayer to call upon the Holy Spirit to understand the word of God.
  • Have a scripture read aloud. (choosing from the daily mass readings will be easy)
  • Spend a few minutes to meditate over what’s been read.
  • Get everybody to share what’s touched his/her heart.
  • Conclude the session with a prayer.
  • You may include a short time of offering intercessory prayers at this point.

Yes, you will have done a simplified Lectio Divina if you follow these simple steps. It is important to keep this session short and sweet and do it on a regular basis. If you have young children, you may read a page from their children’s bible and you may share the message from the story read. As your children grow, they will be able to take on a more active role in breaking the word of God.