CHOSEN: High School Youth Ministry


  • Prayer and Friendship with Christ: Christ is at the center of every discipleship group. We seek to help High School Youth to grow closer and deepen in their relationship with Him through prayer, reflection and worship.
  • Fellowship and Community: We seek to provide the appropriate environment to help teens build Christ’ centered relationships that will help them to persevere in their faith as they grow into adulthood.
  • Catholic Teachings: We want to present Catholic teaching in a way High School students can understand and give them a safe space to get answer to their faith questions.
  • Apostleship and Service: We want to help teens be aware of the need to serve and evangelize that all Christians have, and help them put this into action as their faith grows and matures.


CHOSEN meets every Sunday after the 5:00pm Mass, 6:30-8:00pm at McCready Hall (North Side).