Our Parish Logo

07-07-2019The Sisters Corner

God wanted the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be the logo of our Parish “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”. That is a big invitation from Mary to us, to have her same heart.

The heart of Mary it is an exposed heart, which means that it is called to be open every day to receive the love of God, and as a consequence to love Him back and love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is red because it is nourishing from the blood of Christ that loves us so much. God is the one that gives life to her heart.

The white roses invite us to live the purity in all our lives; in our minds, in our thoughts, in our way to love detached from every selfishness, purity in our intentions trying to seek the glory of God in everything, as the purity in our bodies as well.

The sword that pierces the heart of Mary reminds us that following Christ is not easy, it comes with the cross. Pain and joy are always present in the life of Mary, as in our lives. To receive the moments of pain and include God in these experiences is critical to be people of hope as Mary was in all of her life.

The flames mean the boldness and courage that she invites us to have to be a witness of Jesus with all our life and in every place that we go.