The Sisters Corner

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Our community is growing!

09-01-2019The Sisters Corner

As we have shared with you before, Anna Carochi who is originally from Denver, and who was living with us in Arizona for the past year went to Peru in July to start her formation in order to become a sister in our community. What you might not know is that she is the first girl from the United States to join our community. It brings us a lot of joy to see how our charism, which started in Peru in 1998 and has been growing for a number of years in South America, is now also represented by someone from this beautiful country where we enjoy serving so much.

There are seven girls starting their formation this year and for us it is very exciting to see us grow not only in number but in a very particular way. Besides having the first girl from the USA, we also have the first vocation from Mexico and the first one from Panama. They are joined by another girl from Ecuador and three Peruvian girls.

Please keep in your prayers all these young vocations who are so generously wanting to give their lives to the Lord, so that in this period of formation that comes ahead for them in the next 3 years, they may grow in their relationship with the Lord to be able to discern properly and con"rm if the Lord wants them to become sisters in our community.

And who knows? Maybe in not such a distant future, one of them may end up coming to serve in Arizona in the years to come!