The Pornification of the Super Bowl

02-09-2020Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

I remember watching Super Bowl IV with my father when the Kansas City Chiefs won their first Championship. I would bet that my father would have been very uncomfortable watching Super Bowl LXIV Half-time Porn Show with one of his young grandsons or granddaughters. While it was a super game, the half-time show was super-slutty. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment codifying Women’s Suffrage, with a stress on empowering girls and yet what are girls being told to emulate? Pole dancing, crotch grabbing dancers in skimpy clothing with half-naked men pawing at them. Our girls continue to get mixed messages and our boys are taught to objectify women. Have we really “come a long way baby?”

I realize the NFL has become an arm of the progressive left’s social engineering plan but they could have at least given a Parental Warning or let the viewers know that sexual and graphic content was to follow. Apparently, the NFL owners are happy to make money on whatever sells no matter how raunchy. And Porn does sell. The website, Pornhub, which traffics in HUGE amounts of Pornography reported that as soon as Super Bowl Half-time commenced searches on their site for “Shakira” and “Jennifer Lopez” skyrocketed, increasing 1,401 percent and 381 percent, respectively.

Some of the “famous” Super Bowl Commercials were just as sexualized. One commercial for some type of Hummus from Israel featured a Jewish Drag Queen, Miz Cracker. Glad Israel gave us Jesus but they can keep the rest of their leftist excrement. Whatever happened to Joe Namath selling Noxzema? Still Drag Queens are the latest rage. We are seeing Drag Queen Story Hour at Public Libraries, where parents take their very young and bewildered children to hear a story read by a guy dressed in drag. Recently Sesame Street announced it would feature a Drag Queen as part of one of its episodes because 3year olds are clamoring for it. But the NFL did manage to deny a spot for a Prolife Commercial entitled “We are the Faces of Choice” which features adults who survived an attempted abortion. No, the NFL won’t let us see their faces rather they preferred showing us camera shots of J. Lo’s crotch and rear.

Evangelist Franklin Graham said on Facebook “I don’t expect the world to act like the church,”. “But our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime-time television in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes.” I agree.

On a related note, a few weeks ago I asked you to support SB 1082 Sex Education Bill and SB 1061 Parental Rights Bill. Gratefully many of you attended the Rally and the Hearing at the State Capital. The Bills would have required School Districts to publish any curriculum regarding the teaching of Sex Education and do it in a timely fashion so the public could comment on it and parents would have the option to opt their child out of such classes. Unfortunately, the Bills went nowhere. Apparently, they did not have the support of the Governor or of Cathy Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy or of Ron Johnson from the AZ Catholic Conference. That was perplexing and frustrating.

In the meantime, a new Bill has been introduced: SB 1357: Access to Instructional Materials by Parents and Guardians. This bill would allow for greater transparency for Public and Charter School Curriculum to be made public so parents can make informed decisions about what their child is to be taught regarding sex education. Let’s hope this Bill fairs better.

Protecting our children and ourselves from a hyper-sexualized culture is no easy task. But at the same time we don't have to bend over and take it. We can stand up for our values and the right to live in a society that upholds decency and basic boundaries when it comes to human sexuality. So, stand up against the NFL and its degrading depictions of women and be politically involved to remind our elected officials that they represent us and not just those who push the pornification of our culture.

The weakest point in Libertarianism, live and let live, you do your thing I do my thing, less rules the better, is that it doesn't know where to draw boundaries against harm. Legalized pot is a good example. But it’s sort of like your teen’s bedroom. I know most parents get crazy over the mess but I say just shut the door. If they want the sheets washed, they have to take them off the bed and place them in the Laundry area and then remake the bed themselves. Despite creeping things living under your child’s bed, you can live with it if they want to live with it. But when the mess from your teen’s room starts to overflow into the hallway and down the stairs, then you got a problem. Because now your teen’s messiness is affecting everybody in the house. The same is true here. Those who want the “freedom” to $aunt their sexuality and display it publicly are now negatively affecting tens of millions of viewers who just wanted to watch a sports match. They have no right to have their displays of perversion spill over into the homes of everyone else. We have to draw the line that says do not cross.


Fr. John B.